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Lambs Quote

Violence of the Lambs


Lambs Quote

Violence of the Lambs

"...absurd character comedy at its very best."

the student newspaper - edinburgh

"wild and weird and friendly and funny."
New Orleans Defender

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Lambs About

Lambs About

Take a look at this stingray, look into his eyes.

Do you see compassion? No.

Do you see empathy? No.

Do you see general good willed kindness helping an old lady cross the street? 
Triple no.

Just a monster. 
that’s right, a cold-blooded monster.

The next greatest threat to civilization is not nuclear war or disease, it's animals. ANIMALS. Lambs, dogs, cats, geese, whatever animal it is, they are organizing, and viciously attacking innocent humans.

For the last 31 years, Marcus Livengood has been documenting animal attacks. From Croc Hunter to herds of violent lambs, humans are being targeted. He has the research and the evidence to prove that the next great war...will be an Animal vs. Human War.

35 minutes / directed by Mary Tuomanen


Production History

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Scotland / 2015

New Orleans Fringe Festival Louisiana / 2014
Rooftop, House Party & Bar Tour Philadelphia / 2013
Philadelphia Park Tour Philadelphia / 2013
SoLow Festival Philadelphia / 2013

Admittedly a surreal experience at times, this is absurd character comedy at its best and a far cry from the observational humour and stand up format which oversaturates the Fringe. If you are looking for something a bit different this year and are willing to suspend disbelief inside a slightly damp yurt you’re sure to catch a great performance – as a free performance its hardly as though you’ve anything to lose. Off-beat, intimate and sure to leave you smiling to yourself throughout and laughing out loud as the animal v human conflict escalates.
— The Student Newspaper
Davis adds distinct physical traits to his excellent characterization of the nerdy Livengood for a convincing portrayal of someone you wouldn’t want to be trapped in an elevator with. And, performing in a neighborhood bar in the Seventh Ward, Davis is to be commended for his outstanding concentration which overcame a noisy video game, an energetic jukebox, and some loud customers in the front of the bar. Violence may be a bit of a, ahem, shaggy dog story, but it was clever and well done.
— Brian Sands, Ambush Magazine
For VIOLENCE, Davis adopts the character of Marcus Livingston, a professor of ‘comparative zoology’ and a fan of ‘Croc Hunter’ Steve Irwin (‘not just a TV friend, but a real friend, on TV’). Livingston [sic] has gathered his audience for a presentation on the impending war between humans and animals, complete with illustrative graphs, photos, and a lamb-led slaughter. Funny stuff.
— Christopher Munden, Phindie