one-man apocalypse now

    Upcoming Tour Dates: Pittsburgh Fringe (Mar 31 - April 1); Portland Maine Fringe (June 21-23); 59E59 East to Edinburgh NY (July 15 - 18); Edinburgh Fringe (Aug 4-28) 


Upcoming Tour Dates: Pittsburgh Fringe (Mar 31 - April 1); Portland Maine Fringe (June 21-23); 59E59 East to Edinburgh NY (July 15 - 18); Edinburgh Fringe (Aug 4-28) 


One-man apocalypse now

Whether you’ve seen the film or not, Chris Davis’ One Man Apocalypse Now will be a funny, dark, poignant, playful and well-spent hour of your life.
— Patricia Highsmith, DC Metro
It is a tour de force that convinced me I must now see all his other work.
— Mark Cofta, Broad St. Review
Davis throws himself into the role with abandon; at one point he plays a female stripper and does a shimmy that, for better or worse, you won’t be able to get out of your head for a while.
— Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro
The play is at once funny, sad and familiar. He’s a comic bastard, who pulls lines about not knowing what he’s doing in his 30’s, in a basement, in a strange neighborhood in Pittsburgh, shirtless, re-enacting a scene where he’s about to bludgeon himself to death.
— Jason Clearfield, PGH in the Round
Chris Davis put on a thrilling meta-theatrical performance while running through the major scenes of the film. He slipped effortlessly between characters while weaving in the careers of the film’s actors and parts of his own life as well. It brought to mind a crazy sweaty fusion of “Apocalypse Now” and “Hearts of Darkness”, the acclaimed documentary depicting the horrors involved in making the film.
— Peter Jacobs, First Looks at Portfringe, ME
The most unusual and also greatest moment of the day was Chris Davis’ off-kilter comedy One Man Apocalypse Now. True to its title, this is a show in which Davis condenses the anti-war epic into a fifty-five minute extravaganza of unbelievable celebrity impressions, complete and utter commitment to character, and parody that goes so far beyond its one-note conceit into a kind of sublime mania.
— Mark Sklaski, PGH in the Round
Chris Davis re-imagines the iconic film Apocalypse Now in a hilarious and dark 60-minute adaptation.

Imagine Apocalypse Now performed by one-actor, in 60 minutes, recreating some of the most famous scenes from cinema history through Chris Davis' unique theatrical lense. Backed by the soundtrack of the movie, Davis explores the heart of 'darkness' through movement, sound, dance, comedy, drama, lunacy, philosophy, and more in this high-octane 60-minute tour-de-force, directed by Mary Tuomanen and sound design by Adriano Shaplin.


portfringe - june 21 - june 23

Geno's Rock Club, 625 Congress St., Portland, ME

June 21 - Wednesday - 6:15pm

June 22 - Thursday - 9:45pm

June 23 - Friday - 6:15pm

59E59 - east to edinburgh - JULY 15 - 18

59E59, Theater C, E 59th st., New York, NY

July 15 - Saturday - 6:30pm

July 16 - Sunday - 4:30pm

July 18 - Tuesday - 6:30pm


SweetVenues, Grassmarket 3, Edinburgh

Aug 4 - 28 (every day of Edinburgh Fringe!)

16:20 (4:20pm)

£8 ticket