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There are five episodes.  Each episode contains a few chapters. To truly immerse yourself in the experience, please go to the location indicated on each Episode.

Episode 1 - The Free Central Public Library

1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA

Please enter the free public central library.  Walk to the big staircase in front of you and examine the majestic statue of William Pepper.  Play the excerpt here.  Once you hear 'chapter 1' move through the library, first to the Music Room on the first floor, then to the second floor and explore the stacks of literature, enjoy.

Episode 2 - McGlinchey's

259 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, PA.

Please enter McGlinchey's.  Cash only.  Sit down and order a Yuengling Porter or Lager on draft.   Leave your cash on the table in a pile.  Put on your headphones and listen to this episode.

Episode 3 - The Now Defunct Sugar Moms

225 Church St., Philadelphia, PA

Please go to the parking lot outside the now defunct bar Sugar Moms in Old City.  Sugar refining was once one of Philadelphia's biggest industries.  The casino Sugarhouse is built atop what once was the Jack Frost refinery.  The now defunct bar Sugar Moms on Church Street was the oldest sugar refinery in the United States. This is a story about the Franklin Sugar Refinery in Philadelphia, a refinery that was once the largest in the world producing 90% of America's sugar.  While listening to the chapter walk around Old City and imagine what it once was like.

Episode 4 - Mid-Span on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge Pedestrian Walkway

5th & Race St., Philadelphia, PA

Enter the pedestrian walkway on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.  The entrance is near 5th and Race St.  The pedestrian walkway is on the south side of the bridge. At the entrance of the walkway put your headphones on and start to listen.  While listening, walk to the center or mid-span of the bridge and stare out at the Delaware River as the chapter finishes...

Episode 5 - Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park, underneath the Walnut Street BridgeF

Go to Fairmount Park.  Enter at Locust Street if possible.  Put on your headphones and listen.  Walk towards Walnut Street Bridge. As the story continues, explore the area, and even ascend the stairs up to the Walnut Street bridge to view the Schuylkill River.


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